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1969 Yenko SS Chevelle 427 COPO 9562

The Yenko Chevelle is a car that has had less recognition through the years than it  rightfully deserved. In 1967 & 1968,Yenko Chevrolet was legendary for the development and sales of the Yenko/SC Camaros with transplanted 427 high performance motors. In those first two years, no Yenko/SC Chevelles were produced. The Camaro typically was the most popular GM musclecar, and therefore gained the most notoriety of the Yenko Supercars. But, there were other Supercars developed by Yenko that were meant to satisfy the needs of customers that were not Camaro enthusiasts. Therefore the Yenko/SC Chevelle was produced to accommodate Chevelle enthusiast’s desire to have the ultimate Chevelle.

The Yenko/SC Chevelle was a 1969 production year run only. It was ordered as a COPO 427 Chevelle from the factory just as the 1969 Yenko Camaros were. As a result the Chevelle is rarer than the Camaro due to being a 1969 production run only of 99. This is less than half of the 201 Yenko Camaros produced in 1969. Yenko performed the same modifications to the Chevelle with their package of graphics, emblems, as well any other combination of tires and wheels or high performance accessories specified by the customer.

There are approximately 35 Yenko/SC Chevelles surviving today. The Yenko Chevelle pictured here, was restored by Dave Tinnell of Dave’s Auto in Edmonton Kentucky. It is a flawless restoration that put this car back to the way it originally left the Yenko dealership in 1969. It is featured as the Yenko Chevelle example in the book “Chevy Musclecars”. This Chevelle left the GM factory as a COPO 9562 high performance 427, muncie 4-speed, power front disc brakes, heavy duty suspension, heavy duty radiator, 4.10 positraction 12-bolt rear, F70x15 raised white letter tires, bucket seats, and AM push button radio. Yenko added their graphics, emblems, Stewart Warner tachometer, Atlas mag wheels, and high performance engine modifications.

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